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Human Resources/Training

AMES has included the construction of a training facility in the overall master plan of the project in other to continuously build human resource, ensure highest level of product quality, reduce production risks, keep the employee skills at the highest level of productivity and sustain plant maintenance, achieve 100% technical and operational excellence in production and quality. Based on the AMES technical training school model, the plant would earn income in developing technical skills for Nigerians and other African countries in pipe milling and coating.


Through our sustainability program with the community, AMES would engage qualified community youths members to build sustainable enterprise and drive positive social change. Our human resources plan is to train an initial 100 young engineers especially those from technical schools overseas while the plant is being produced in other to learn the art and science of linepipe milling and coating. They would in turn return to jointly set up the plant with the OEM turn-key engineers and train others in both practical and theory. Personnel training would be a continuous affair as a training school would be embedded within the plant administrative building. AMES has held discussions with the Nigerian Content Monitoring and Development Board (NCDMB) to further the technical training needs of Nigeria in linepipe milling and coating technology when the plant is commissioned. The pipemill and coating plant is adequately covered by Nigerian content law to attract 100% patronage by all 9 IOC's and NOC's operating in Nigeria and hope to be granted the pioneer status by the Nigerian Investment Promotion Council (NIPC). An MOU has been signed with the Nigerian content Monitoring Board to guarantee investors preferential procurement status, which means that all the International and Nigerian oil and gas, civil construction and agricultural companies must compulsorily buy linepipes from the mills being constructed in Benin-City and Polaku, Yenogoa, Bayelsa State by AMES.